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AKIHO Membership

Do you want to become part of AKIHO Central Europe and thus
a member of the oldest organization dedicated to the protection of Akitas - Akita inu Hozonkai in Japan?

Write to us at: info@akiho.eu
and you will receive a registration form
and all the necessary information to become a member of AKIHO.


Being part of AKIHO, the most prestigious as well as the oldest Akita Preservation Society in the world, not only supports the development of the breed but also brings additional benefits

  • possibility of participating in Akiho Shows, e.g. European Hozonkai Championship and other branch shows around the Europe as well as around the world

  • possibility of participating in seminars led by official Akiho judges and experts

  • subscription of Akita biulletin „Akita inu” (sent to each member several times a year directly from Japan)

    Annual membership fee is 85 euro.

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Registration in Japan


Welcome to AKIHO! ☺